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5th November 2009

ravensgurl2112:42pm: Matt update!
Jim Ross in his latest blog at www.jrsbarbq.com wrote about Matt Cappotelli, the former Tough Enough winner and developmental wrestler, who has been battling cancer and undergoing chemo now for three years:

"I always thought this kid had "it" but he has been sidetracked with battling cancer which has had to become a huge part of Matt's life. Matt is an assistant manager at a Louisville health club and is also finishing his college degree at the University of Louisville in Exercise Physiology. I love Matt Cappotelli's mental and physical toughness and his undying Faith. What a great young man."

14th January 2009

ravensgurl21110:48pm: =/
PWInsider has reported that WWE released Matt Cappotelli.
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7th March 2008

sinwithagrin8:31am: OVW Taping
Matt Cappotelli came to the ring to accept an OVW Lifetime Achievement Award only to be interrupted by Joey Matthews, who insisted that Matt was just coming around every six months for pity. Capotelli and Timmy left the ring and as Joey was continuing his rant, Jamin Olivencia entered the ring only to get clobbered by the plaque that Joey had taken away from Matt.

27th July 2007

ravensgurl2113:59pm: Friday July 27th 2007 Issue #2523 - www.wrestling-online.com
- W-O Newsletter reader Dennis Rayburn sent in word that former OVW champion and Tough Enough winner Matt Cappotelli made a surprise appearance during Wednesday's OVW television tapings. Cappotelli underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor on May 1st in Boston, MA. In late 2005 after winning the OVW title he was diagnosed with cancer reportedly just weeks before he was supposed to be called up to the main WWE roster. Cappotelli thanked the OVW crowd for their support and stated that he recently had another minor surgery as a preliminary to chemotherapy which will be starting soon again. On a humorous note, Cappotelli said that before he had surgery he told the crowd that the tumor was as big as Michael Mundo's brain but it turned out that it was from 6 to 7cm in diameter which was "twice as big as Mundo's brain."
- [Discuss: http://www.wrestling-online.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=4923]
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21st April 2007

ravensgurl2117:17pm: 10 Falls with Matt Cappotelli
Posted on 4/21/107 by Randy Klemme

"One of the more inspirational stories of the last couple of years is that of WWE and Tough Enough Star Matt Cappotelli. Matt along with current WWE star Johnny Nitro were the co-champions of MTV's Tough Enough 3. Matt endured many things including a nasty ordeal with Bob Holly during the TV show, however he know faces an even bigger challange. May 1st, Matt Cappotelli will undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor that has enlarged in recent months. We wish Matt God Speed with his surgery and all the best during recuperation."--Randy Klemme

1) You are a product of the "Tough Enough" Shows on MTV.....how tough was the actual training during the shooting of the show and what would you do on a typical day in training?

MC: It was the most intense training I've ever been through. we trained for about 8 hrs a day - in ring, cardio, weights, everything.

2) Of course, one of the things you were famous for during the show was the confrontation with Bob Holly......What are your thoughts looking back at that situation?

MC: it's simple - i forgive, but will never forget.

3) You've been associated with OVW in Louisville since Tough Enough and alot of guys that are in the WWE today came through there, have you made any good friends and are close to any of those guys and who are they?

MC: I've made great friends with pretty much everyone who has come through OVW. we're all family.

4) What is the toughest thing about being a professional wrestler?

MC: Having no offseason and the travel schedule.

5) Any good road stories that you can pass along (keep it clean LOL)?

No Answer

6) Your career recently was slowed by an illness....can you explain what happened and will you ever be able to wrestle again?

MC: I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I can do all things through Christ, so you never know when I may pop up.

7) You have also expressed your deep faith in the Lord in the past several months...how have you been able to cope with your illness through your faith?

MC: God has given me complete peace with what is going on. I know it's all for his divine purpose and I'm humbled to be a part of this.

8) Has it been tough to be associated with the wrestling business while keeping hold of your faith, especially with some of the things that goes on with the wrestling business today?

MC: I guess it can be, but i know who i am and will not sacrifice that for anything.

9) What is the BEST thing and the WORST thing about being a professional wrestler, maybe something that you didn't realize would be that way when you started?

MC: Best: interacting with an audience, entertaining the masses.
Worst: injuries and being away from family.

10) If you had to tell someone what it's like being a professional wrestler, what are the three most important things you would tell them?

MC: You have to love it or it will eat you apart. you have to be tough physically, mentally, and emotionally. you have to make sacrifices in your personal life and be patient.

Matt invites you to check out http://www.faith-ink.com for some great gear.

7th April 2007

ravensgurl2115:41pm: latest update:
Matt Cappotelli to undergo brain surgery
Friday, April 06, 2007

Just 14 months ago, Matt Cappotelli was the Ohio Valley Wrestling Champion, seeming on the verge of Superstardom. But that all changed when he was forced to relinquish the WWE developmental territory's biggest prize and announce to the OVW fans that he was suffering from a brain tumor.

Flash forward to this week. OVW TV celebrated the taping of its 400th episode, and Cappotelli returned to Louisville, Ky. and the OVW ring. Unfortunately, he had some bad news: the tumor has grown, and he now faces major surgery to attempt to remove the growth.

"Last time I was here, I know it was hard…but you guys are my family, and it's time to update my family on my condition and what's been going on with me," an emotional Cappotelli said to the cheering OVW fans before his speech.

WWE.com also caught up with him this week, and Cappotelli explained how the discovery of the growth came about.

"Doctors have been monitoring the tumor since its discovery, and my last MRI revealed that it had grown a little," Cappotelli said. "I had been feeling pretty good the last couple months, but recently I had some bad headaches and noticed a little change in my vision. They told me that because the tumor has grown, my optic nerves had swollen as well."

Doctors have advised Cappotelli to have surgery, where they will remove as much of the tumor as possible while trying to avoid doing any damage to the brain. The surgery is scheduled for May 1 in Boston, and Cappotelli is cautious yet optimistic about the procedure.

"Any surgery like this…it's extremely tough to get 100 percent of the tumor. They're hoping to get in the high 90s, and we'll have to treat whatever they can't get with chemo or radiation or a combination of both."

Despite his condition, Cappotelli is upbeat about the surgery and recovery, using his strong faith as a foundation.

"I'm glad I'm not in control of this, because I probably would have screwed this up a long time ago," he laughed. "God is in control, and I have complete faith in what he's doing. There's a scripture I read quite often that describes my situation; it says God's strength is made perfect in my weakness, and I think this is a time where I'm at the darkest point of my life."

Throughout this whole ordeal, Cappotelli is thankful for all the support he has received.

"It's been about a year now, and I can't express how thankful I am for the fans who have reached out through email or word of mouth, and for their thoughts and prayers," a gracious Cappotelli said. "I really wish I could think of a way to give back, but I thank them with my whole heart."

If you would like to send well-wishes to Matt Cappotelli, you can do so by sending email to keepthefaithmatt@yahoo.com.

If you want to watch the speech, click here.

17th January 2007

ravensgurl2114:55pm: Interview:
OVWrestling.com has an interview up! Go read it.
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5th October 2006

ravensgurl2114:12pm: Dave Meltzer - 9/24/06
--Want to send our best wishes to Matt Cappotelli on the loss of his grandfather this week. He's a guy who has already faced personal tough odds and done so with the utmost of dignity in his battle with cancer. He wrote a very nice story about his grandfather passing away at www.matt-cappotelli.com
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23rd September 2006

ravensgurl21110:56pm: http://www.faith-ink.com/index2.html

[this is connected to Matt and just not be spammin']
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12th September 2006

ravensgurl2116:18pm: By Cooter Adkins of http://www.savemikesleica.com/

Matt Cappotelli was the guest this week on www.inyourheadonline.com with your hosts Jack and OneInchBiceps. IYH can be heard live every Wednesday at 6:00 PM Eastern, and all our archived interviews free at http://www.inyourheadonline.com.

Matt comes on and talks about going down to the OVW tapings. He talks about some of the OVW standout guys. Bruce Domino -- Untouchables with the greaser gimmick is a favorite. Jack wants to know if it would work. Matt thinks it could, but maybe not as well on Smackdown -- which is more pure wrestling and not as gimmick driven.
-----Collapse )

31st May 2006

ravensgurl2113:26pm: Matt Cappotelli On The Pain Clinic 5/27
Matt Cappotelli was our special guest on the Pain Clinic.

Matt talked about his brain cancer treatment and his decision to go with Dr. Jho (who did Kurt Angle's neck surgery). Matt talked about getting married and moving in the last 2 months. He talks about Wrestlemania weekend and meeting POD. We talked with Matt about the Johnny Nitro and Melina "firing" and possible locker room problems.

Matt hopes that a lot of OVW guys will get called up for ECW. The Spirit Squad is brought up next. Matt's good friends are in the Squad and he's happy for them but he said they weren't sure of what it would be like when it was first proposed but he said they made it their own and are succeeding. Matt talked about his future (hopefully) wrestling or in another capacity. He does help out at OVW TV tapings with ideas on matches. He talked about his webpage at www.matt-cappotelli.com and how he wants to tell his story and let others follow his progress.

Matt talked about his debut on Raw and how it was supposed to be with the Miz doing a "reality tag team". We looked at the short life of WWE tag teams and then Matt finished up by telling us he was looking at starting treatments in late June.

Check it out at www.feelthepain.net

Rich "Cashman" Jones
The Pain Clinic
Hot Talk 1280 WHTK
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16th May 2006

ravensgurl2112:09pm: From Matt Cappotelli.com and Advise fans if they want to hear the audio link, to visit The Irish Whip.com

The Irish Whip
By TheIrishWhip.com,
Written recap
By Matt-cappotelli.com
May. 09, 2006

Matt is introduced onto the show, the host says Matt has come down with some serious Health issues. Matt says yeah. The host talks about himself having a tumor as well and having to have it removed. He says he is still battling it. The host mentions how it was rough for him the first couple of days. Matt says it was, but now he has things in perspective. Matt says his Outlook is always good no matter what. Matt says it is his Faith that will push him through this. The host says he does not want to break up the negativity they
have going but he congratulates Matt on getting Married. The host mentions everyone on the forum being glad Matt would be coming on the show and wishing him the best. Matt thanks them for that, Matt says he appreciates the prayers.

cut for more...Collapse )
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8th May 2006

ravensgurl2117:08pm: TOMORROW;
- from Ben Kerin: On 5/9, The Irish Whip is set to be
one of the most emotional and groundbreaking wrestling
show ever! as we have former OVW champion Matt
Cappotelli. Matt will be talking about his recent
brain tumor, His times in the ring and if he will be
returning to wrestling action. Also we will be joined
by the lovely Jackie Gayda who will be making a major
announcement LIVE on air! Visit the Irish Whip.com
to ask your questions in our forum.
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9th February 2006

ravensgurl2113:28pm: Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days....
Matt Cappotelli confirms brain cancer in emotional speech
Submitted by Brian Cantor on Thursday, February 9, 2006 at 9:49 AM EST
The Torch, WWE.com, WrestlingObserver.com

Tough Enough 3 Winner and Ohio Valley Wrestling wrestler Matt Cappotelli confirmed at last night's OVW taping that he is suffering from brain cancer.

In an emotional in-ring interview, the wrestler handed the championship belt to Danny Davis, citing his inability to compete.

Doctors told Cappotelli that on a scale of 1-4, with four being the worst, his cancer is a two. He will pursue treatment options and presently does not know if he will be able to wrestle again.

The crowd was tearful as Cappotelli talked about his condition and then led the arena in a prayer session. All his fellow wrestlers came out to the ring to give support.

After the show, Cappotelli stood at the front door and hugged every single member of the crowd. He was there until after Midnight, and the speech ended at 9:45. He prayed with people. He shook hands. He hugged. He took pictures. I have never in my life experienced anything like that. -- Eric Hall, OVW correspondent.

WWE.com have posted a brief article on Matt Cappotelli. The article notes that WWE.com will have video footage of his speech later today.
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6th January 2006

ravensgurl21112:33am: Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

- Matt Cappotelli's brain tumor is just three centimeters away from affecting his vision. As previously reported, Cappotelli is scheduled for a biopsy.

18th December 2005

ravensgurl2113:17pm: -.-
Matt Cappotelli Suffers An Unfortunate Setback

Former Tough Enough champion Matt Cappotelli has suffered yet another unfortunate setback and it could possibly put an and to his wrestling career. Doctors have recently diagnosed Matt Cappotelli with a brain tumor. He is scheduled to undergo tests in Ohio to further diagnose the tumor and to plan a treatment.

This couldn't have come at a worse time as Cappotelli was on the brink of finally being called up to the main WWE roster this week to shoot some vignettes for a planned WWE debut. Cappotelli was close to being called up in the summer of 2003, but it was nixed at the last minute. He then suffered a concussion in a match against Hardcore Holly in April of 2004 at a Smackdown house show. Cappotelli also suffered a broken leg at an OVW TV taping this past August. He had been teaming up with Mike Mizanin in several dark matches and WWE house shows during that time.

source - PWInsider.com

7th November 2005

ravensgurl2113:10pm: The guy who emails me results never credits where he gets his info. from. However, there had been talk of the Matt/Miz team coming up to the WWE for a few weeks now.


Matt Cappotelli and The Miz beat the Heart throbs
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1st August 2005

ravensgurl2114:32pm: injury update:
WWE News: Update on Matt Cappotelli's leg injury
Submitted by Matthew Tremley on Monday, August 1, 2005
at 2:15 PM EST
Good news for Matt Cappotelli, as his orthopedic
doctor told him that there was no ligament or tendon
damage to his leg that he injured at the last OVW
show, and that his bones were lined up the way they
should be. It will require Matt to be out of action
for 6-8 weeks however, but that's a vast improvement
on the timeframe Cappotelli would have been looking at
if his leg was actually broken. While Matt did get
some good news regarding his leg, this is the second
time injury has set him back in terms of getting
called up to the main WWE roster. Officials were
impressed with his performance in a dark match at the
Smackdown tapings last Tuesday in Rochester, NY, but
now it looks like he will have to wait until the end
of September or so before he can get back into the
ring and try and impress WWE management again. The
first time Cappotelli was going to be called up, the
plan was for him to win the WWE Cruiserweight
Championship off of Chavo Guerrero, but Matt suffered
a concussion and was replaced in the storyline by

All of us here at LOP wish Matt Cappotelli a very
speedy recovery!

Credit: PWInsider.com
Credit: www.lordsofpain.net
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31st July 2005

ravensgurl2112:55pm: Report: WWE Star Injured Over The Weekend
Written by Ryan Clark on July 31, 2005 at 12:00:54

We have had two fan reports noting that at the OVW house show in Elizabethtown, KY over the weekend, Matt Cappotelli was injured during a match with Blond Bombers. We're told the injury occurred from a botched attempt at a suplex.

As we understand from inside OVW sources, his lower leg is broken (possibly in two separate places). He had to be helped out of the ring by paramedics and was treated at Hardin Memorial Hospital locally.

More as we get it.
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14th May 2005

ravensgurl21110:22pm: Matt Cappotelli getting tryout on Raw shows
Submitted by Matthew Tremley on Tuesday, May 3, 2005 at 2:49 PM EST

Former Tough Enough champion Matt Cappotelli is
currently set to work several Raw house shows later in
the month against "The Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko.

It is unknown if this will lead to Cappotelli being
called up to the main roster, as plans for that were
actually supposed to happen last year when management
were all ready to have Matt debut and win the WWE
Cruiserweight Championship from Chavo Guerrero.
However, Cappotelli got injured by Hardcore Holly
before he could be brought up to the main roster and
he ended up having to stay in OVW since then.

Johnny Nitro, who was co-champions of Tough Enough 3
with Cappotelli, has already been brought up to the
main roster as one-half of the new WWE Tag Team
Champions MNM.

Credit: PWInsider.com
Credit: www.lordsofpain.net

30th November 2004

ravensgurl2113:57pm: --------
Wednesday, November 17, 2004 - Issue No. 282

Wrestling 365 is the most widely read pro wrestling
ezine in the world. It's enjoyed every day by industry
power players, many top wrestlers and subscribed to
by thousands of fans around the world.

To join our list email: W365-subscribe@topica.com


WWE officials were very impressed with the Johnny Jeter,
Matt Capotelli-Johnny Nitro, Chris Cage dark tag match
before Raw on Monday night [Nov. 15, 2004]. The general
feeling is that all these guys are ready for the main
roster and its just a case of "when" rather than "if"
they will make it out of Ohio Valley Wrestling, the
WWE developmental territory. Nitro appeared earlier
this year on Raw as Eric Bischoff's lackey...

--- Mike Aldren, Editor-In-Chief
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30th August 2004

ravensgurl2113:59pm: The Rochester Democrat has a story on Matt Cappotelli, the Tough
Enough 3 co-winner.

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7th April 2004

ravensgurl21111:41am: *SPOILERS* WWE Velocity and Smackdown Taping Results from San Antonio, Texas. April 6, 2004

Dark Match:

Matt Cappotelli beat Sho Funaki. Not bad at all.

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